12/07/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2012

Student Exposes Himself In Yearbook Photo At Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School

There's nothing quite like school picture day: the anxiety over picking the right outfit and avoiding bad hair. The photos still look awful -- but not so awful that they can't be sent to grandparents across the country.

Imagine then the horror of officials at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London, Ontario, when they realized -- all too late -- that a student had sneakily exposed his genitals in a group photo for the high school yearbook.

John Boles, a spokesman for the London District Catholic school board, described the offensive part of the picture as "very small" and "easily overlooked." Nevertheless, "the school and administration are very sorry that it happened," he told the London Free Press.

For the curious, here's a link to the photo in question (NSFW) [via Reddit].

According to The Toronto Star, students and staff only noticed the mischievous bits after nearly all of the school's 1,300 yearbooks had been distributed.

In addition to a formal apology letter, officials are providing students with Photoshopped stickers to conceal the nudity. The cost of the stickers is being covered by the company that published the yearbooks, reports The Sun.

As for the student, the New York Daily News adds, punishment may be forthcoming, although he graduated last June.