12/08/2012 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Cairo Clashes: Photographer Documents Attack On Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters (PHOTOS)

Opponents and supporters of Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi have clashed for several days this week, after Morsi had issued a decree that gave himself absolute powers and immunity from judicial oversight.

Thousands of Egyptians marched on the presidential palace on Thursday and Friday, demanding for the president to step down. Also on Thursday, protesters set fire to the Muslim Brotherhood's main offices in Cairo and to an office of the group in a southern suburb of the capital. According to Reuters, members of the Islamist group blamed police for failing to prevent the violence.

Photographer Jonathan Rashad documented one of the clashes, which took place at the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo. Rashad writes:

On the 6th of December, hundreds protested in front of the Muslim Brotherhood's main quarters in Cairo, following the speech given by Mohamed Morsi. Some of them managed to storm the building. Central Security Forces arrived later to cordon off the perimeter, which lead to clashes between protesters and security forces.

Take a look at Jonathan Rashad's photos from Cairo in the slideshow below.

Cairo Clashes