12/08/2012 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow's Sparkly Boots Prove That She Can Pull Off Anything (PHOTOS)

Is there anything she can't wear?

If there's one thing we can rely on it's that it's nearly impossible for Gwyneth Paltrow to make a style misstep -- even in the most treacherous of sartorial territories. A skintight leather number? Easily pulled off by Gwyneth. A visible bra? Child's play. An LBD full of cutouts? Please. So it's with full confidence that we present to you the actress' latest tricky yet successful piece: sparkly diva boots.

That's right, while passing through Heathrow Airport in London, the mother of two opted for a red motorcycle jacket, layered chain necklaces and heeled booties that would make Gloria Gaynor jealous. How Gwyneth goes from simple white tees to iconic looks in the making is beyond us. Guess there's a reason that she was named this year's best dressed star...

Gwynnie was jetting back from a trip to Dubai where she promoted Boss Nuit, the Hugo Boss fragrance she's been shilling since last summer. So maybe the 40-year-old decided to mix things up in the style department to surprise husband Chris Martin? She did miss their nine year wedding anniversary while she was away, after all.

Whatever the reason, we're pretty stunned: is there anything that Gwyneth Paltrow can't wear? Check out the photos of her arrival in London yesterday and tell us what you think.


gwyneth paltrow

gwyneth paltrow

See Gwyneth Paltrow's style evolution!

Gwyneth Paltrow's Style Evolution

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