12/10/2012 05:39 pm ET

Axe Morning After Pillow Ad Pokes Fun At Cuddling Stereotype (VIDEO)

Even if a 2011 Kinsey Institute report says men like to cuddle as much or more than women, Axe men's body spray couldn't resist poking fun at the gender stereotype in its new ad.

The ad features an inflatable Axe Morning After Pillow that women can cuddle so men can slither out of bed and have their freedom. (You know, because if you're a guy who wears Axe body spray you're so hot that whoever you're with won't let go.)

"Maybe we haven't warned you about the other side effect when using Axe: cuddling," the narrator says. "That strange behavior exhibited by every woman who falls under the Axe effect and that lasts all day."

The pillows -- a blow-up chest and arm that come in skinny, tattooed, bodybuilder and hairy -- are featured on Axe's Puerto Rican Facebook page, Business Insider notes.

Mashable's Todd Wasserman points out that some viewers might find the commercial misogynistic. "Though the latest ad is in keeping with Axe's long-running, tongue-in-cheek campaign presenting the grooming products as catnip for the ladies, some may view it as a disappointment," he wrote.

Reaction at Ads of the World ranged from "really good" to "could've been tightened up a bit."

Maybe Axe could use a hug.