12/11/2012 10:28 am ET

10 Companies Where CEO Pay Is Seriously Out Of Whack

Are CEOs hundreds of times more valuable than their employees? Corporate boards seem to think so.

In past decades, as CEO pay has skyrocketed, worker pay has all but stagnated. That's created an economy in which CEOs can earn an average of 231 times more than their employees, as they did last year, according an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute. (For reference, CEOs earned just 29 times more in 1978.)

At some companies, CEO pay is especially out of whack, according to PayScale, which analyzed pay at the country's 50 biggest public companies last year. The compensation website compared CEO pay to the median pay of the typical full-time worker to compile the list. The entire methodology can be found at their website.

Here are the major companies where CEOs last year made at least 322 times more than their workers:

CEOs Who Get Paid Significantly More Than Their Employees