12/11/2012 01:16 pm ET

Siobhan Meow, New York City Artist, Paints With Her Cats' Poop, Urine And Fur (VIDEO)

This woman's art is a bunch of cat crap.

But that's all right with Siobhan Meow, a New York City artist who uses her cats' feces, urine and fur in some of her artwork.

Meow sat down with The Local East Village blog to chat about how paintings of the 20 cats in her apartment went from the color of pewter to the color of poo.

"I put a canvass down where [one of my cats] was going outside of the litter box, and he took to it, and started pooping and peeing on different parts of it. I threw some cat hair that I had swept up off the floor on it, and he pushed that around into different patterns," she said.

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Siobhan Meow And Her Artwork

Meow also uses normal techniques for many of her $1,500-and-up paintings. But she was already somewhat of a celebrity before the fecal felines.

The self-proclaimed transgender woman was a regular on The Howard Stern Show, according to her Myspace page. It's unclear what her role was, but her Facebook page appears to show her flashing her breasts on The Howard Stern Show set.

Now she spends most of her time with her artwork and her cats -- of which she used to have 100. They act as her muse, and she calls the kitties her "family."

Watch the video below to see a variety of her artwork: