Soy Sauce Movie, 'Make Haste Slowly,' Shows History Of Kikkoman (VIDEO)

Kikkoman, probably the most well-known soy sauce company in America, is making a short film about its lengthy history. "Make Haste Slowly" will premiere online on December 23. It was directed by Lucy Walker, whose documentaries have twice been nominated for Academy Awards.

So, why all the fuss over a condiment?

The documentary is named after the company's motto, and alludes not only to its 300-year history, but its six-month brewing process that, according to Kikkoman's site, dates back to feudal Japan. The process involves fermenting soy beans, wheat, salt, water and a koji mold. The mixture, called moromi, is aged for several months before being pressed, refined, bottled and shipped.

Kikkoman's site also states that the company was founded by a woman, "in a time when women didn't start companies." Although the company has distributed its products internationally since the 17th century, it saw a huge surge in sales after World War II, when expats lived in Japan.

Although the historical aspect seems like interesting enough documentary fodder, the trailer is riddled with promotional remarks ("It was a bold, bold experiment which proved to be very successful") and close-up shots of the company's sleek bottles.

What do you think? A fascinating concept, or a gimmicky ad campaign? Check out the trailer above.



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