12/12/2012 10:34 am ET

Gawker Still Punishing Lena Dunham For Daring To Write

Lena Dunham’s lawyer asked Gawker to remove the proposal for her book of advice and memoirs that the site published last week and for which Random House paid $3.7 million. In response, Gawker removed the proposal but kept up a handful of out-of-context quotes, adding a couple of lines of analysis to each. The commentary is, to a certain extent, a joke about the fair use exception, which allows you to violate something’s copyright as long as you are commenting or criticizing the material. That’s something Gawker’s Lena Dunham beat reporter John Cook had heretofore declined to undertake sincerely. Here's what Dunham’s No. 1 critic/gadfly finds objectionable in her proposed memoir–advice book.

"Nauseating and cloying precociousness ... permeates the entire proposal." Complaints specific to Dunham as a person include her “narcissism,” her "navel-gazing bubble of privilege," her “self-dramatizing” (how else to write a memoir, one wonders), her “obvious” “desire for an attention-grabbing condition” (by which he means anorexia), her “desperation” “to have the minutiae of her life — and her dietary choices — validated by cultural arbiters."

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