12/12/2012 08:52 am ET

George Stephanopoulos Falls Into Fit Of Laughter From Watching Darwin The Ikea Monkey Brush His Teeth (VIDEO)

George Stephanopoulos could not control his laughter Wednesday morning as he opened ABC's "Good Morning America" with a story on Darwin, the little monkey who was found wandering around an Ikea.

As video of Darwin brushing his teeth in the arms of his owner rolled, Stephanopoulos tried to give viewers an update on the monkey but was laughing too hard.

"There he is brushing his teeth. This is really making me crack up," he said between his laughs. Fellow "GMA" co-hosts started to laugh as well as Stephanopoulos attempted to continue with the segment. Referring to the video, Stephanopoulos said, "That was all before he went to Ikea, got lost, and I'm not—" His laughter took over so co-host Josh Elliott jumped in. "We've been discussing for 6 minutes how we were going to get through that," Elliott said.

Stephanopoulos and his laughing fit are in good company. Both Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly fell into fits of laughter that interrupted segments. Cooper once laughed so hard during a story on the lesser-known Polish-American tradition of Dyngus Day, and apologized to those who celebrate the holiday.

(h/t Mediaite)



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