12/12/2012 04:40 pm ET

The Game Lets 'Jesus' Wear His 'Jesus Piece' At Los Angeles Show (VIDEO)

The Game fans witnessed a December miracle on Tuesday night when Jesus made an appearance during the rapper's L.A. show to kickoff the release of his new album "Jesus Piece."

Obviously the blond-haired guy dressed in a white robe wasn't the real deal, but the Game still put the doppelganger to work as he placed a diamond Jesus piece around the rapper's neck. The Game then jumped into his set, but not before reminding his fans that "The Westside is in this muthaf---a."

"Jesus Piece" is Game's fifth studio album, an album he told TheBoomBox is "a thin line between religion and street." The album includes features from Common, Kanye West and 2Chainz as well as several other top hip-hop artists.

The Game became a Christian last year, and sees the album as a testament to his rediscovered faith.

"I'm 30 years old now, getting a little older, and some days I have trouble trying to find a balance with my life, my family, my music, and religion," said Game. "I love God. I love Jesus."

The album's artwork also caused a great deal of controversy, showing Jesus with a tear drop tattoo and rocking a red bandana. The Game told MTV News he isn't phased by the negative response.

"I did the album cover the way I wanted to. It embodies part of my career, my life; it's all in that cover," he said. "And, you know, I love God, Jesus Christ is my savior and I'm still out here thuggin.'"

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