12/12/2012 12:35 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

Google Images 2012: The Top 10 Trending Photos Of The Year

Whom or what did people most want to see this year?

Thanks to Google Zeitgeist, the behemoth search engine's year-end review that highlights the hottest search trends of the past year, we can now take a peek into the top trending image searches of 2012.

Launched this week, Google Zeitgeist 2012 welcomes users to peruse a variety of lists that show the people, questions, places, events, hashtags and more that netizens around the world most wanted to watch, read about, hear or see.

What were the top trending searches this year? Who were the most searched for athletes? What were the hottest electronics, airlines and TV shows?

Zeitgeist, having pored through more than 1 trillion searches and queries, has the answers (at least as far as the Google-verse goes).

Click through our gallery below to see the top 10 trending Google image searches from around the globe. Can you guess who's No. 1?

Top 10 Trending Google Images Of 2012