12/13/2012 03:58 pm ET

'Little People, Big World' Stars Matt And Amy Roloff Reveal Celebrity Crushes

Husband and wife Matt and Amy Roloff love Chelsea Handler. However, she is not their celebrity crush. That honor would go to film director Ron Howard and actress Marlee Matlin.

“I really want to meet Ron Howard,” Amy tells The Huffington Post. “With all he has done, from a child star actor to an accomplished film director. Also [actor] Michael J. Fox and oh, so many others.”

“My celebrity crush is Marlee Matlin because she has a challenge in being a part of Hollywood being hearing impaired,” said Matt. However, the one person they both love is comedian Chelsea Handler.

“We think she is doing great on her show, appealing to a certain audience and doing what she wants. We met her and thought she was hilarious. Her sidekick, Chewy, is an awesome guy. We’re happy she isn’t afraid of little people. The one thing both of us appreciate is more opportunities given to little people or people with dwarfism or anyone else with a physical difference,” says Matt. "It’s still a sad day when opportunities aren’t available or denied to people because they are different. It takes all people to make the world go around."

Insisting fame hasn't changed them, they both say they are loving the opportunities that have come from "Little People, Big World."



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