12/13/2012 07:07 pm ET

Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas From Redditors

For some, a lavish wedding witnessed by 200 of their closest friends sounds like a dream. For others, the idea fills them with dread.

On Wednesday, Reddit user putsomeKiefonit revealed to the Reddit community that he and his fiance are considering nixing a traditional ceremony in favor of a less formal affair. So, he posed this question: "Redditors who are married, but decided to forgo having a ceremony. What, if anything, did you do in place of it?"

Redditors shared how they got hitched, minus the extensive guest list and church ceremony. Less was definitely more for these folks! Click through the slideshow below to read how they tied the knot in intimate, completely unique ceremonies.
Then, tell us in the comments: if you had a non-traditional ceremony, how did you and your partner get hitched?

Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies From Reddit

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