12/13/2012 03:21 pm ET

Volleyball Triple Six Pack: Spike Hits Three Players In The Face

Who says volleyball isn't a contact sport?

In the video above, three unlucky defenders get hit in the face by a powerful volleyball spike, a phenomenon known as the Triple Six Pack. The identities of the players have been left anonymous by the video's poster, though it's safe to say they've suffered enough.

The clip has been making the rounds on the Internet, delighting the sadistic tendencies of Twitter users:

Whoever perpetrated the triple-dome shot, referred to as a "volleyball hat trick" by Off the Bench, may have just one-upped what had previously been dubbed "The Most Lethal Volleyball Spike of All Time." Back in November, a girls' high school volleyball player got nailed in the face by a powerful spike that ricocheted off her head and bounced into the face of an unsuspecting spectator.