12/14/2012 11:10 am ET

Michelle Jenneke Video Shows Australian Hurdler Playing Fantasy Girlfriend

Imagine the world's most-downloaded, hip-swaying track darling joining you in domestic bliss.

That's the conceit of another viral video featuring Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. This time, a humor site called The Chive does the honors, with Jenneke in on the joke.

In the video, a character called Forever Alone (Mac Faulkner) floats into fantasy as he and some pals watch the original video that made Jenneke famous -- her gyrating, jumping warmup routine at the IAAF World Junior Championship in Barcelona.

Jenneke plays video games with the dreaming lad, serves him pancakes and cries with him at the movie "Up." But reality looms ahead.

Bleacher Report called the video "hilarious," with the 19-year-old Jenneke "cramming just about a lifetime's worth of fame into 2012."

But the Sun pointed out in its take on the video that Jenneke "hasn't been as successful on the track as on the Internet." She finished fifth in the World Junior Championship 100-meter hurdles final, and her personal best time of 13.39 seconds is more than a second slower than what fellow Aussie Sally Pearson clocked (12.35) to win the London Olympics 100 meters hurdles.

But as the new video shows, Jenneke is a pretty good sport.