12/14/2012 03:22 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2012

Samela And Pedro Hernandez, Miami Couple, Arrested For Botched Butt Implant Procedures (VIDEO)

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A Hialeah couple was arrested earlier this week after a police raid on their home revealed they have been injecting a cancer-causing substance into the buttocks of Miami women looking for larger behinds.

Hialeah police ransacked the home of Samela and Pedro Hernandez after one of their clients tipped off detectives when the implants the Hernandezes gave her became “deformed and sensitive,” according to a Hialeah police report.

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Police found a full makeshift clinic inside the residence, complete with extensive medical equipment, syringes, Lidocaine, and a client list, CBS Miami reports.

Samela allegedly imported the implant substance from Colombia, disguising it as "massage wax."

Local 10 reports that the same chemical was banned in Colombia because it is known to cause cancer. Detectives are now trying to get in touch with everyone on their client list to warn them about possible health risks associated with the toxic implants.

The couple, who reportedly posed as doctor and nurse, faces more than 200 charges, including practicing medicine without a license.

This comes one year after Oneal Ron Morris, a Miami transgendered woman, was arrested for injecting Fix-A-Flat into buttocks in a separate case of toxic and illegal implants.