12/16/2012 08:49 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2014

The Holiday Menu You Need For A Great Christmas Dinner

Foodie Crush

Christmas is right around the corner guys. Like, right around the corner. Next week. We know, it snuck up on us too. Not only does that mean that your Christmas shopping deadline is frighteningly close, but it also means it's time to start thinking about the big dinner.

Since Christmas dinner isn't as stressful as Thanksgiving there is no need to panic, you are in fine shape -- mainly because we have found all the recipes you need for last-minute planning. It also helps that Christmas doesn't demand a traditional line up of recipes like Thanksgiving -- it changes from family to family, and sometimes even year to year -- so we basically just put together the most delicious recipes living on the internet right now for those of you looking for ideas.

Without further ado, here for your holiday planning and enjoyment, is everything you need to create a beautiful Christmas dinner.

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