12/16/2012 01:37 pm ET

Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

The Pacific island nation of Samoa saw extreme weather this week, as a cyclone with winds up to 100 miles per hour knocked out phone lines, Internet service and electricity, according to the Associated Press. Cyclone Evan also reportedly killed several people.

In the U.S. Midwest, a blizzard left some areas with up to 16 inches of snow. The wintery conditions caused hundreds of automobile crashes including several fatalities.

Elsewhere in the U.S., entire states remain in drought conditions. 100 percent of Kansas was in "severe" drought, with almost 78 percent of the state in "extreme drought," according to Reuters. Over 90 percent of Nebraska and Oklahoma also still remain in extreme drought. Nearly two-thirds of the nation's winter wheat crop planted this fall is in drought-hit areas.

The drought has also brought lower water levels to the Great Lakes, which revealed a shipwreck this week in Michigan. The Aurora, a steamer which burned in 1932, was exposed in the Grand River, close to Lake Michigan. Click here for photos of the ship.

Below, find some of the week's most extreme weather photos from around the world.

Extreme Weather Of The Week 12/16/12