12/16/2012 01:16 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson Drops Apparent F-Bomb On 'SNL' In 'What's Up With That?' (VIDEO)

Samuel L. Jackson made an unannounced appearance on "Saturday Night Live" yesterday, and left his mark -- by dropping the F-bomb during "What's Up With That?" The uncensored clip can be viewed at the bottom of this entry.

As Frazier Moore of the AP put it:

"Pretending to be miffed at getting interrupted as a guest on the mock talk show "What Up with That?" Jackson said what sounded very much like an F-bomb, followed by the term sometimes shortened to "b.s."

The studio audience reacted audibly, but Kenan Thompson, who plays a variety show host in the sketch, seemingly ad-libbed: "C'mon, Sam. That costs money!"

Carrie Brownstein of "Portlandia," who also made an appearance in the sketch, mimed zipping her mouth.

In a later tweet, Jackson said that he did not say the full word, and that Thompson was "supposed to cut off" the second obscenity.

But Jackson's slip of the tongue is hardly the first in "SNL" history. Most recently, former cast member Jenny Slate let the word fly on her first episode. Charles Rocket also uttered the word in a 1981 episode.

Hulu's censored version of the clip can be viewed at the top of this entry. The uncensored clip can be viewed below.