12/17/2012 10:06 am ET

10 Colleges Where Graduates Have the Most Debt: US News And World Report

US News and World report recently ranked the 10 colleges that graduate students with the most debt. On the list are mostly small, private institutions. Those ranked also had a significant percentage of students who borrowed.

The Report has more:

On average, those borrowers left carrying about $26,220 in debt, based on reports from 1,033 ranked colleges that provided both the percentage of graduating students in the class of 2011 who had loans and the average total amount those students owed. That's significantly lower than the six-figure debt that often makes headlines but is not very common, as financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz has noted.

Nevertheless, some colleges graduated students with debt loads far above the national average. At the 10 schools that graduated the most indebted students, graduates left with between $43,712 and $47,066 in student loans in 2011. (All of these calculations include federal and private loans borrowed, but exclude parent PLUS loans.)

Check out our slideshow of the top 10 schools who graduate students with the most debt. Tell us: how much debt is too much for you? Weigh in below!



10 Colleges With The Most Debt