12/17/2012 02:09 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

Actors On Glee: 10 Post 50s We Want To See On The Popular Show

Bette Midler has played a hard-living rock-and-roll singer in "The Rose," the victim of a kidnap plot in "Ruthless People" and a loving best friend in "Beaches." And this month, she will star alongside Billy Crystal in her latest movie, "Parental Guidance." But the role the veteran performer is really after may be similar to Jane Lynch's villainous Sue Sylvester on Fox's hit series "Glee."

Although Midler recently confirmed that she has not yet been formally asked by the show's creator Ryan Murphy to appear on the show, Murphy apparently has expressed his interest in the idea. Murphy is working on a part specifically for Midler, although it's not yet known whether it would involve the storyline at McKinley High or the one at New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts.

Midler wouldn't be the first A-lister actor on "Glee" to shine in a guest role. Just this season the show has added Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker to the cast.

So who could be next to join the hallowed halls of the show's fictional high school? Check out our slideshow for the 10 post 50s we'd love to see join the cast, and let us know who you'd like to see in comments.



Post 50 Stars We Want To See On 'Glee'