12/18/2012 11:58 am ET

Chen Shoutian Under Fire For Making 100-year-old Mom Sleep With A Pig (VIDEO)

A Chinese farmer should be careful he doesn't reap what he sows, based on the way he treats his 100-year-old mother.

Chen Shoutian, who lives in the Jiangsu Province, has come under fire after a television report alleged that the woman was sleeping in a cramped, cinderblock shack with a 440-pound pig.

Chen, who has a six-bedroom home, told that his mother, who has seven other kids, was happy to share her bedroom with the pig.

"She wants to stay here because she feels it is convenient," he said, according to "I definitely [would] have no problem living here."

Some of Chen's relatives aren't so sure.

The woman's grandson, Liu Zhanbing, reportedly told "(It's) too smelly, so smelly that it is impossible to even come inside. I couldn't live with that."

Chen's sister, Gu Yuqing, told the website that she tried unsuccessfully to rescue her mother from the pigsty.

"There were countless flies and mosquitoes in the summer and my mother was living right here. It broke my heart," she complained. "She's so old - and to live with pigs! How can we not feel sad?"

The strange living arrangements have gone on for three years, according to, but Chen's piggish behavior has stirred up controversy in China, where the woman's plight is viewed as an example of a growing neglect of the country's elderly, the Telegraph reported.

The massive controversy seems to have changed Chen's mind regarding how he treats his mom.

A new report by suggests that she has been moved out of the pigsty and into the house, specifically the kitchen.



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