12/17/2012 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

It's Okay If You're Struggling With Friday's Tragedy

Hey HuffPost Teen readers,

Friday's school shooting has left all of us a little shaken up, and many of you have shared with us the wide array of conflicting emotions you're feeling right now, from thoughtful blog posts to heartbreaking reactions on Twitter.

Our blogger Luis may have best summed up how it feels to be a student right now when he asked on Friday: "How will [we] be able to trust the world anymore? After all, if [students] can't believe that schools are safe, how can they be expected to believe that anywhere is safe?"

These are important, difficult questions -- and we want to give you this space to talk about how you're feeling and work through the answers together. Last week's tragedy has been hard to process for everyone. It's okay if you're having a tough time coping but feel weird going to your guidance counselor or parents about it.

We're opening up the comments section below for you to share your thoughts, feelings and reactions.

- Liz, Emmeline and Carolyn
HuffPost Teen and Education Editors

Here is a list of resources you should check out if you're feeling overwhelmed: