12/17/2012 08:17 am ET

In Defense Of Andy Reid

What sort of legacy is Andy Reid leaving behind in Philadelphia? At the moment, it doesn't appear to be a particularly positive one. Eagles home games have become rallies — worse, sparsely attended rallies — for weary fans to boo both a team that's given up on 2012 and a head coach whose 14-year tenure with the club appears to be coming to a close. It's as if Philadelphia fans know that they won't get a chance to boo Reid's decision-making after this year and want to make sure they get their last licks in before he leaves town. You can't blame season-ticket holders for thinking about the short-term, but how does Reid look if we put his long-term career with Philadelphia in context? How will those booing fans look back at the Reid administration? Was his tenure with the Eagles a success or a failure?

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