12/17/2012 05:01 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan Money: Actress' Earnings And Debts In 2012

The money woes for perpetually troubled actress Lindsay Lohan continue to rack up, and in surprising detail. Lohan loaned her mother $40,000 to avoid foreclosure on her Long Island home. Charlie Sheen, in turn, loaned Lohan $100,000 to avoid defaulting on paying back taxes. Meanwhile, the IRS has seized the 26-year-old's bank accounts.

But how much money does Lohan actually owe? And how much money has the busy star actually made in 2012? We wade through the mess:

Of course, this list doesn't document the enormous legal fees Lohan has likely racked up over the years for her arrests and court violations. By our last estimate, Lohan could owe $50,000 for each time she has been sent to jail -- already a $250,000 base fee -- and pay as much as $2,400 per hour in lawyers' fees. That's a list we'll have to measure up at a later time.



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