12/17/2012 02:39 pm ET

Uggie, Skateboarding Santa Dog, Shows Off On Venice Beach Boardwalk (VIDEO)

In this recently-uploaded YouTube video, "Uggie" dons a Santa Claus costume and show off his skateboarding skills on Venice Boardwalk. We're not sure what's funnier -- seeing his leashed compatriots look on jealously or watching pedi-cab drivers and skateboarders swerve out of Uggie's way.

This dog is doing his part to keep Venice weird.

Uggie's not the only dog with a few tricks up his sleeve. Norman from South Carolina can bike, scooter and surf, and Tillman is world-renowned for his skateboarding skills.

None can compare, though, to this rescue shelter dog from New Zealand who learned how to drive. What's next: dogs learning how to fly a plane?

h/t Yo, Venice!



Click through videos of Norman the dog's impressive skills and glam-shot photos of the star pooch:

Videos courtesy of Norman's Youtube/courteous1 and photos courtesy of Norman's Facebook:

Norman the Dog