12/18/2012 05:06 am ET Updated Dec 18, 2012

'How I Met Your Mother': Mini-'Buffy' Reunion Sees Willow And Oz (Seth Green) Reunited (VIDEO)

Oz and Willow were reunited as "How I Met Your Mother" staged a mini-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reunion. Seth Green guest-starred as an old college "buddy" of Lily and Marshal, only he thought a lot more of their friendship than they did. In fact, they thought he was "creepy Daryl" and a little stalker-y.

When they headed back to Wesleyan University for a visit, they were shocked to see Daryl still there. But he was thrilled to see them, and even had something he wanted to give them. It was a check for $100,000. Their "friendship" had inspired him to start a business selling hacky sacks on campus and he was doing great with it.

Only they were worried his obsession with them was about to get dangerous. Just a few seconds more and he might have given them the check. Instead, he tore it up.

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