12/18/2012 10:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Scarborough On Gun Control: GOP 'Will Lose' If It Doesn't Change Stance (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough made another call for tighter gun control on Tuesday's "Morning Joe," appealing to his fellow Republicans.

Twenty-seven people — including twenty young children — were killed in a horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. The tragedy has ignited a national debate about gun control. Scarborough stunned viewers on Monday, when he said that Friday changed his views on gun control. The shooting made the pro-gun ideologies of his past "irrelevant," he said.

On Tuesday, Scarborough said that he has been around hunting all his life and called any defense of the type of weapons used in Friday's shooting "nonsense." "These weapons are part of a culture, but they're not part of my culture, they're not part of your culture," he said.

Later, Politico editor Jim Vandehei said that the issue of gun control will figure prominently as the GOP tries to address its demographic challenges. "There's a lot of rethinking going on," he said.

Scarborough called on the Republican party to revise its stance. "Do they want to be seen…as the party of Glocks? The party of Bushmasters? The party of combat-style, military weapons? Rapid-fire magazine clips?” he asked. “If they want to go around and debate that for the next four years, good luck.”

He said that he would rather see the GOP fight for "less taxes, balanced budgets, smaller government, a restrained foreign policy." But if the party wanted to defend Glocks and Bushmasters, Scarborough said, "we will lose." Watch at the 6:40 mark in the clip above.

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