12/18/2012 04:34 pm ET

Kennedy Expressway Dog On The Loose Jams Up Traffic As Zany Chase Ensues (VIDEO)

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An injured dog ran into Chicago's Kennedy Expressway Monday afternoon, snarling traffic and sending pup wranglers on a roughly two hour-long chase.

The NBC Chicago helicopter was able to capture much of the ordeal, which took place around 2 p.m., on video (embedded).

The dog was first spotted around Ohio St. "walking north on the shoulder of the highway and darting in and out of traffic," Fox Chicago reports.

Various attempts by IDOT workers, state police and others to catch the wandering pup were unsuccessful until someone was able to get a lasso around the dog near North Ave. NBC said at one point, the helicopter showed authorities offering water to the dog.

The dog was taken to Chicago Animal Care & Control, at 2741 S. Western Ave., for an examination, reports NBC. The animal's injury, as well as its owner, remains a mystery: Fox said the dog had no tag or microchip.

In July, a renegade pooch made a similar run in rush-hour traffic on the busy Stevenson Expressway before ultimately "surrendering."