12/18/2012 06:36 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

'Parts Per Billion,' Movie Starring Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett And Penn Badgley Filmed In Detroit (PHOTOS)

Detroit will get another appearance on the big screen, after serving as the backdrop to several days of shooting for indie movie "Parts Per Billion."

Actress Rosario Dawson serves as one of the film's producers, as well as one of its stars. The cast has a a promising lineup of other big names, including "Gossip Girl's" Penn Badgley, "CSI: NY’s" Hill Harper, Frank Langella, Gena Rowlands, Josh Hartnett, Teresa Palmer and Alexis Bledel, according to Deadline. Alas, no Robert Pattinson -- the "Twilight" leading man was originally involved in the project back in 2009 before dropping out due to scheduling.

The film follows three couples as they attempt to deal with an earth-shaking disaster that "threatens to tear them apart," according to IMDB. It was written and directed by Brian Horiuchim, who seemed to enjoy his experience in the D:

And why wouldn't they have a good time in the friendly Motor City? They're certainly getting around town. Midtown apparel shop The Peacock Room reports that the "lovely" Rosario Dawson stopped by to browse on Tuesday. Over at the Guardian Building, the proprietors at Pure Detroit served the crew cupcakes, and another Michigander welcomed them into their homes with very open arms:

The movie received a film incentive from the state of $295,766 after reporting $991,003 in projected expenses. "Parts Ber Billion" was expected to hire 73 Michigan workers with a full-time equivalent of nine jobs.

Below, check out some other behind-the-scenes production shots and head over to the movie's seemingly unofficial Facebook page for others, including some officially adorable photographs of Josh Hartnett in Detroit.

And keep your eyes peeled for camera crews and celebrities in December while "Parts Per Billion" films. You never know who you'll run into -- recent Detroit celeb sightings include Adrien Grenier, James Franco and Ryan Gosling. Seen a celeb around town, or are you, perhaps, Ryan Gosling himself? Send us a tip at

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