12/18/2012 06:04 pm ET

Rick Scott 2014 Committee Sends Christmas Mailer Featuring Wrong Return Address

Florida Governor Rick Scott's political committee sent some Florida residents Christmas-themed mailers with an incorrect return address, reportedly leaving some young tenants to deal with returned or undeliverable packages.

"Let's Get to Work," the political committee raising money for Scott's 2014 gubernatorial campaign, sent envelopes containing a Christmas card and a historical ornament to several thousand of Scott's supporters, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The mailers featured an incorrect name -- "Let's Go to Work" -- as well as the wrong return address.

John French, the lawyer who manages the political committee, said the mistake was due to an error by the printer. According to the Times, the return address featured on the envelope belongs to young tenants who live down the street from French:

Steve Andrews, a Tallahassee lawyer embroiled in a bitter lawsuit against the governor, says his wife received one of the packages.

"It's a typical intimidation tactic,'' Andrews told the Tampa Bay Times. He says his wife has not donated to the governor's campaign or his political committee and should not be on his list to receive anything.

Andrews went to the return address listed and discovered young tenants who were steadily tossing out all of the packages postal authorities were returning as undeliverable. Andrews collected a dozen of them and left them with a Times reporter.

John French, the lawyer who manages Scott's political committee, says it was all a mistake made by the printer. The return address should have been his home just down the street, the official address of the committee.

Scott is already making a big push ahead of the 2014 election, with $5 million in campaign funds already raised. Scott spent more than $73 million of his own money to win in 2010, but promised in an April 2012 interview he wouldn't do the same thing next time.

"I don't know what it will cost, but we'll have the money to win," Scott said.

Scott has been thinking about reelection since he first entered office, telling the Times in July 2011 that "unless my wife tells me she's dumping me, I'm running for a second term."



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