12/19/2012 04:26 pm ET

Adam Lanza Motive: Medical Examiner Wants To Probe Sandy Hook Shooter's Genetics

Connecticut's chief medical examiner said he hopes Adam Lanza's biology will help explain why the Sandy Hook shooter went on a deadly rampage.

The Hartford Courant reports that Dr. H. Wayne Carver has asked a geneticist at the University of Connecticut to join in his investigation of the killings.

"I'm exploring with the department of genetics what might be possible, if anything is possible," Carver told the paper on Tuesday. "Is there any identifiable disease associated with this behavior?"

Carver is also awaiting toxicology testing results for the gunman.

The story comes on the same day that Fox News reported Nancy Lanza, Adam's mother, was in the process of having her son committed to a psychiatric facility when he went on the mass shooting spree, according to a lifelong family acquaintance.

Connecticut police have said a motive for the shooting remains unclear, Newtown Patch reports.



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