12/19/2012 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Celebrity Homes For Sale In 2012: The Biggest, Flashiest Market Movers In Los Angeles, Calif. (PHOTOS)

With apologies to Frank Sinatra, 2012 wasn't a very good year for celebrities with homes on the market, and maybe not so good for anyone else with a home to sell either. The lesson of the recession and the housing market crash remains this: It doesn't matter who you are -- everybody pretty much took it on the chin if they tried to sell a house.

Here's a sampling of what happened to Los Angeles-area homes owned by celebrities in 2012. And before you start screaming at us like crazy headless chickens, we know this isn't a complete list. Among the missing are private sales, pocket listings and celebrities we just can't bear to talk about anymore (read: Real Housewives of Anywhere.)

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2012's Biggest Celebrity Real Estate Moves