12/19/2012 09:01 am ET

Koch Brothers Super PAC Wishes You A 'Merry Taxmas' (PHOTOS)

The holiday season is a time for giving. It's also apparently a time to make demands about fiscal policy and then spread them around to all your friends, according to the Koch brothers.

The latest campaign to push for government spending cuts over new taxes in order to reduce the federal deficit takes advantage of an age-old holiday tradition: the exchanging of Christmas cards. Except this time they're called Taxmas cards, according to a website set up by the Koch brothers' Super PAC, Americans For Prosperity.

"Members of Congress have been making backroom deals and preparing to bring you a season’s greeting of their own called 'Merry Taxmas!' Americans for Prosperity wants to keep 'Taxmas' from happening," the webpage reads.

The site also features "naughty" and "nice" lists populated by members of Congress who support raising taxes in the former, and staunch anti-tax defenders in the latter. The list may need some updating, however. The billionaire Republican donor David Koch himself said earlier this year that "some tax increases" may be required to reduce the deficit.

Check out the full-line of "Merry Taxmas" cards from Americans For Prosperity below:

'Merry Taxmas' Cards From Americans For Prosperity

(Hat tip: Businessweek)