12/19/2012 09:18 am ET

Give the Gift of Childhood Innocence: The Global Fund and Letting Kids Be Kids (PHOTOS)

At the Global Fund for Children (GFC), the lives of children on the edges of society — trafficked children, refugees, child laborers — are transformed to help them regain their rights and reach their potential.

Though these children are the most disadvantaged, governments and large aid organizations struggle to reach them with the services and programs they need.

The GFC finds and invests in grassroots organizations that make sure the most vulnerable children in their communities are safe, healthy, educated and cared for, and their strategic support helps grantees achieve their vision, become sustainable, and reach even more children in need.

In other words, the GFC does all it can to let kids be kids — no matter what their circumstances. There are so many ways we can all help, but one way you can make a difference this holiday season is by visiting, and supporting GFC as part of the Johnson & Johnson matching gifts campaign.

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