12/19/2012 03:44 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Worst Free Kick Ever? Evanildo Rodrigues Boots A Blooper (VIDEO)

In a gaffe that media outlets from the Guardian to SportsPickle are calling one of the worst free kicks ever, goalkeeper Evanildo Rodrigues slices the shot with a cringe-worthy outcome. It's a moment that a clumsy AYSO player could show Mom and Dad and say, "See? Even the pros do it!"

The Brazilian was playing for El Jaish SC against Al Rayvan in a Qatar Stars League game on Saturday. The match appeared to be lightly attended, sparing Evanildo some embarrassment. But he couldn't escape the look of his coach -- the video is worth watching just for that.

Evanildo can now count himself among other jocks, like Appalachian State center Brian Okam ("Behold the Worst Free Throw Of All Time"), who discovered that "free" is sometimes anything but.

But he can take heart, according to the Guardian. Evanildo has competition for the worst free kick ever from Sam Corcoran -- and for the Chelmsford City midfielder, the consequences were worse.