12/20/2012 02:47 pm ET

Arian Foster Gives Segways To The Entire Texans Offensive Line (VIDEO)

After nailing down his third-straight 1,000-yard season, Arian Foster has decided to give back to those who paved the way for his success, rewarding his teammates by giving a Segway to each member of the offensive line.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Foster doled out the generous gifts after Wednesday's practice, delighting linemen who in the past might have been a little jealous of his chosen mode of transportation.

Foster expressed his gratitude for the hard work of his teammates as they rode their new Segways around the locker room.

"I can’t do anything without them," he told the Houston Chronicle. "If there is no them, there is no me."

A couple of the linemen showed their appreciation for the gesture by taking to Twitter to publicly thank him:

Quarterback Matt Schaub, however, expressed concern for the linemen's safety.

"I just want them to be careful," Schaub said via Jalopnik. "There's too many people walking around, too many obstacles, I want to make sure they're safe."

Schaub's teammates responded that as professional athletes, they should be okay riding a scooter that tops out at 12.5 miles per hour, a sentiment echoed by Foster, who has been noted for his Segway use in the past.

"If I get hurt on this thing, I don't deserve to play," Foster told CultureMap back in September.

Foster's generous act might have been inspired by the precedent set last year by Reggie Bush, who also bought Segways for his entire offensive line after posting his first 1,000-yard season in 2011.