12/21/2012 11:00 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Billy Crystal's Advice To Tim Tebow: Convert To Judaism

Billy Crystal stopped by Sportscenter Wednesday night to promote his new movie, Parental Guidance. In between swapping Ted Williams stories with ESPN baseball reporter Tim Kurkjian, the comedian and noted sports fan offered some sage advice to embattled quarterback (and butt of many a virgin joke) Tim Tebow: "Convert" to Judaism.

Crystal implied that while Tebow's stringent adherence to Christianity hasn't seemed to help his play on or off the field, he might do better if he embraced the teachings of the Chosen People.

To that end, Tebow already has the support of Crystal's Jewish brethren. The Facebook group Jews for Tebow has been in the quarterback's corner for close to a year, garnering almost 4,000 likes.

The Twitterverse also seemed to support Crystal's suggestion:

When asked about his pick in January's BCS National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama, Crystal responded that he was rooting for the Fighting Irish, since his favorite Jewish university doesn't participate in football.

"Listen, I was pulling for Yeshiva, but they don't have a team," Crystal said.



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