12/20/2012 06:54 am ET

'Stalked: Someone's Watching': Man Stabs Himself, Blames Wife (VIDEO)

The harrowing true story of Katerina Brundt unfolded on "Stalked: Someone's Watching." Brundt was 23 when she met 42-year-old Frank Sheridan while he was traveling in Russia. They got engaged and he moved her to America.

What seemed like a wonderful dream quickly fell apart as Sheridan became abusive. He even forced Brundt to have sex with him. He would hit her, and went so far as to lock her in the house. Finally, Brundt had had enough, and said she was leaving him.

"I see him in the kitchen with a knife," Brundt said. She expected an attack, but Sheridan had another idea. "He rolled up his sleeve and just started cutting his veins," she recalled. "He said, 'Please help, my wife just stabbed me.'"

Brundt was sent to jail over the accusation, but was released eventually and went to a women's shelter. Still, Sheridan kept following her around, stalking her. He was only stopped when police caught him near her house and tried to arrest him.

Sheridan pulled a gun, and then the police shot and killed him.

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