12/21/2012 07:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Apocalypse Art: 10 Epic Artworks For The End Of Days (PHOTOS)

Everyone alive? Just checking.

apocalypse art

Well it looks like the Mayans may have miscalculated with their prediction that the world was nigh, or they just pulled a really great prank, in which case we're impressed. But we're glad we get to celebrate the Mayan apocalypse day while actually being alive and not in a pit of flames!

In honor of the anti-climactic affair, we've compiled our 10 favorite artworks that just scream "the world is ending!" From Richard Allenby-Pratt to Marco Brambilla, these artists certainly made sure if the world was ending, we'd go down in style. Enjoy! And happy apocalypse, everyone!

Apocalyptic Art