12/21/2012 09:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chow Chow Dog Rescued From Maryland Roof: 'This Dog Can Open Windows'

Every dog has its day ... especially if it lands on a roof.

Rescue crews in Walkersville received a call Thursday afternoon about a dog on a roof, Animal Control Director Harold Domer said. The Walkersville Fire Co. was also called about noon to the single-story house on West Frederick Street.

The dog had jumped out a bathroom window and climbed up to the roof, Domer said.

"It doesn't happen frequently, but it does happen," Domer said of dogs on housetops.

About a year ago, Domer said, Animal Control had a similar rescue in Brunswick.

"It is an interesting call," he said.

Thursday's event was not unusual for owner Mark Welshon, who said his dog has pulled off this feat at least two other times.

"She loves to get up on the roof," Welshon said.

Welshon got Ming-bo-sun, a purebred chow chow, about 21u2 years ago from a breeder, he said. Since then, she has grown into a sweet and docile dog that reminds Welshon of a teddy bear.

"She is a beautiful dog," he said.

But he can't understand why she keeps going back to the roof. Ming-bo-sun's explorations leave Welshon boggled by her behavior every time, he said.

The first two times he rescued her after his girlfriend had left the window open, but Thursday, Welshon said, he made sure the window was closed before he left the house.

"This dog can open windows," Welshon said. "No one else was in the house, and the window was shut."

The scene in front of Welshon's house Thursday included rescue vehicles and Maryland State Police.

"It's been upsetting," he said. "You get a dog for companionship." ___



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