12/21/2012 08:57 am ET

Madonna Threatens To Cancel Show Because Of Smokers In Crowd In Santiago, Chile

A group of smoking fans set Madonna on a fiery rant in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday.

The singer was soundchecking when she noticed that some in the crowd had lit cigarrettes. After suddenly cutting off her performance of "Human Nature," she began berating the crowd.

"There are people smoking right now," she said. "No smoking. If you're going to smoke cigarettes, I'm not doing a show. You don't care about me, I don't care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I'm not kidding. I can't sing if you smoke ... You're looking right at me and smoking cigarettes, like I'm a stupid f---ing idiot," Madonna said, then stormed off the stage."

According to THR, footage of the incident was posted on YouTube and later deleted.

One might expect Madonna to be in a bit of a better mood: Her MDNA Tour came in at No. 1 on the list of highest-grossing tours for 2012. She performed for over 1.6 million fans and dialed up $228.4 million in sales.

At the Miami stop of the tour, fans began wondering if she would even show up. She did -- only about three hours later than scheduled.

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