12/22/2012 02:29 pm ET

Anti-Bullying Flash Mob: Colorado Teachers And Students Dance For A Cause

Young people from the Mesa View Elementary School in Colorado came together on Friday evening to break it down -- and send a powerful message to their community. They staged a flash mob during a high school basketball game to the song "You Can't Take That Away From Me" and wore matching t-shirts that said "I see your ability," according to KKCO11 News.

"[We're] trying to tell people that you shouldn't be bullies and don't point out people by their disabilities, point them out by their abilities," explained a 5th grade student from the school.

Click over to KKCO11 News to read the full story and scroll down to watch another flash mob the Mesa View community staged in November.

These Colorado teens are one of many groups of young people who have taken a public stand against bullying over the past few months. In November, 15-year-old Maisie Kate Miller started a "Pigtails 4 Peace" movement in her state, and 16-year-old Megan Landry created an anti-bullying anthem that went viral, based on her own experiences.

“I just stare at [the bullies] like they stare at me," Landry told the Ottawa Citizen. "I look them straight in the eyes and let them know that, like, they can’t do anything to me now. And they know it too, because they are the ones looking down now.”

And in October, a group of high school football players from Arizona made headlines for rallying around a bullied classmate with special needs.

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