12/22/2012 03:03 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Eric Bledsoe Dunk: Chris Paul Lob Sets Up Ally Oop Slam In Clippers' 12th Straight Win (VIDEO)

Eric Bledsoe punctuated the Los Angeles Clippers' latest win with an ally oop slam dunk that came closer to knocking the Earth of its axis than Nibiru.

As is the case with so many of the highlight plays emanating out of Los Angeles these days (no Lakers were involved), Chris Paul set this one in motion. With the Clippers leading the Sacramento Kings, 95-83, in the final minute, CP3 got out on the break before lobbing the ball up for the trailing Bledsoe, who rose.. and rose.. and rose some more before reaching out with his right hand and slamming the ball home.

While Paul has assisted on many memorable dunks since arriving in Lob City, it's not too often that he's collaborating with a teammate his own size. Listed at 6' 1", Bledsoe is just an inch taller than Paul and had to soar a lot farther to get a hand on this pass than Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan would have had they been on the receiving end of the pass. The dynamic 23-year-old Bledsoe has been dubbed "Mini-LeBron" by Jamal Crawford for just the type of jaw-dropping power and athleticism that he displayed on this play.


The emphatic slam wrapped up the Clips' 12th-straight win, establishing a new record for a franchise that has never known prolonged prosperity. The win moves the Clippers to 20-6 on the season, leaving them just a game back of Oklahoma City for the best record in the NBA. Had the Mayan apocalypse not been debunked then surely such success by Los Angeles' other team would have seemed a herald of the end times. But from December 22, 2012 it may just be the new normal.



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