12/22/2012 10:19 pm ET

12 Red And Green Superfoods To Enjoy This Christmas

It's a good thing our food choices don't determine whether we land on Santa's "nice" list or get relegated to the "naughty" one. Because between the gingerbread and the candy canes and the sugar cookies, we're guilty of any number of unhealthy eating "sins" this year.

Try as we might to be satisfied with our kale salads, it seems temptation lies around every corner this time of year. We've armed ourselves with healthy holiday eating tips, like making our Christmas cookies with applesauce instead of butter, but we can't bring ourselves to turn down every treat. (We're no Grinch, okay?!)

Luckily, some of the healthiest foods of all time happen to come in Poinsettia Red and Pine Tree Green. Here are 12 of our favorites for a healthy -- and festive! -- Christmas.