12/24/2012 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grandi Building, Point Reyes Station Hotel Project, Faces Limbo

Plans to remodel the old Grandi Building in Point Reyes Station are headed back to the starting gate amid a tangle of red tape.

Planning permits enabling owner Ken Wilson to remodel and renovate the Highway 1 landmark to provide for a 20-room hotel, restaurant, three living units and retail space were approved in 2005, but they expired last year -- even though county public works staffers had extended a building permit related to the project.

Last week, when a resident complained to county supervisors about parking problems, planning staff investigated and discovered that planning permits had expired and could not be renewed, according to Thomas Lai, deputy director of the Community Development Agency. The extension of the building permit was then revoked.

Lai said the result will be a new planning process that could take several months, unless public controversy erupts or changes have have occurred since the 2005 approval that require more study -- such as parking or traffic.

"We have a lot of information about the site," Lai noted. "It's not like we're starting from scratch," he added. "I hope a new application will result in an expeditious (approval) process."

At the least, the situation will require two to three months to sort out, he added.

Wilson, who had hoped to begin renovation work last fall, and the project manager, Marshall Livingston, could be reached for comment this weekend.

"Marshall Livingston, who manages property for Mr. Wilson, must again undergo a review process that will be subject to recent changes in regulations," said Supervisor Steve Kinsey. "These include a new countywide plan and various code amendments. The owner would also be responsible for conducting a traffic survey."

Kinsey, noting existing businesses now use Grandi property for parking, said parking will be reviewed.

"The issue of parking will be able to be considered by the community, the Planning Commission, and potentially our board," Kinsey said.

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