12/24/2012 02:45 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2012

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, Fishmonger From Pakistan, Is England's Newest Star (VIDEO)

A fishmonger from Pakistan has become Britain's latest musical sensation after a song he sang at an East London fish market went viral on the Internet.

The song -- 'One Pound Fish' -- has been made into a video and is currently number 29 on the British charts.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a 31-year-old father of four from Pattoki in Pakistan, immigrated to the UK a year ago to earn some money and provide a better life for his wife and children back home, the Evening Standard reports.

He soon found a job at a fish stall in Queen's Market in London's Upton Park. Nazir says his boss asked him to "shout" to attract customers. But when that only managed to turn potential patrons away, he made up the now-famous song. The lyrics go something like this:

Come on ladies! Come on ladies!

One Pound Fish!
One Pound Fish!

Hava hava look!
One Pound Fish!

Hava hava look!
One Pound Fish!

Very very good!
One Pound Fish!

Very very cheap!
One Pound Fish!

After the song began attracting attention, Nazir was urged to audition for the X Factor, where he failed to impress judges. However, a clip of him singing in the market soon went viral, and he was offered a deal by Warner Music.

The song currently has 7 million hits on YouTube, and has since been covered by Timbaland and Alesha Dixon.

"My wife is happy, my family is happy, because they know singing is my passion from my childhood hobby ... they are saying: 'Your dream is coming complete now,'" Nazir told Al Jazeera.

Back in his native Pakistan, Nazir has become a star. According to the BBC, 'One Pound Fish' can be heard blaring from speakers all over Pattoki, and his family is praying for the song to hit number one on the Christmas charts.

For his part, Nazir is humbled by his unexpected success. He tweeted that despite his newfound fame, he is still only a "market trader."



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