12/25/2012 08:57 pm ET

How To Spend Holiday Gift Cards From Amazon, Walmart & More (PHOTOS)

Christmas has come and gone. You've likely eaten more food in the past 24 hours than you did in the past seven days, plus spent (maybe a little too much) time with the family and now your wallet is overflowing with gift cards.

Although gift cards really can be the perfect gift (it's one of the only presents that ensures the receiver gets exactly what they want), receiving a plethora of them can be overwhelming. Where should you even start? Instead of letting them sit on your dresser for months on end, why not hit some stores during the holiday season? Not only are there killer sales going on after Christmas Day, but it's also nice to inform the giver of what you purchased with their gift card sooner than later -- a simple task that's easy to forget when you're using old gift cards in August.

Click through the slideshow below for some great items you can buy with all your holiday gift cards.

How To Spend Your Holiday Gift Cards

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