12/26/2012 10:50 am ET

Amanda Reyes, Former Toy Store Manager, Claims Ex-Boss Coerced 'Rough' Sexual Relationship, Sues

A former manager of a New York City children's toy store is suing her ex-boss over what she says was a coercive sexual relationship, according to the New York Daily News.

Amanda Reyes, 26, alleges that Steven Reis, 60, the owner of Fantastic Kids Toys, forced her to "engage in an ongoing sexual relationship” that “included increasing acts of ‘rough’ sexual activities, including hitting, slapping and biting,” in exchange for employment and rent, according to the lawsuit filed Friday.

Reyes, a single mother, started working at the store for $10 an hour in 2010 and was promoted to manager in March 2012. According to the lawsuit, this is when Reyes' relationship with the married Reis began.

Gothamist called the affair a "sadomasochistic nightmare," noting that Reyes' attorneys described it as a "manipulative master-servant type of relationship" that involved "role-playing and simulations."

Even after Reyes began dating an NYPD officer in June, Reis allegedly demanded the woman meet him at her apartment for sex twice a week.

As Jezebel points out, Reyes reportedly tried to break off the relationship and was fired from her $60,000-a-year job in late August.

Reis, reached at his Manhattan store by the New York Post on Dec. 24, would not comment on the lawsuit other than to call the accusations "false."

Of course, this is not the first time an employer has come under fire.

In November, the CEO of Waffle House was sued by a former employee, a single mother who alleged that she was forced to perform sex acts for 10 years in order to keep her job, according to the Associated Press.

The CEO, Joe W. Rogers Jr., claimed the charges were "extortion," but the woman accusing him allegedly taped some of their encounters.



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