12/26/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2012

Douglas Benedetti Searching For Owner Of Lost Wedding Ring He Found Near Lake Tahoe

A dogged do-gooder who spent nearly an hour digging through the snow to find a lost wedding ring is now taking to the Internet to find its rightful owner, ABC News reports.

After Douglas Benedetti stopped to help a distressed driver on his way to Lake Tahoe on a recent blizzardy evening, the stranger realized he had dropped his wedding ring in the snow. The two men –- who never exchanged names -- searched through the slush for a while, but eventually gave up.

According to ABC News, Benedetti felt so distraught for the ring's owner that he later returned to the scene and looked for about an hour until he found the sentimental piece of jewelry.

“I’ve never been married, but I know that if a husband loses his wedding ring, someone else is going to be very upset,” Benedetti told ABC News of his decision not to give up the search.

Now, reuniting the wedding band with its mystery owner might prove to be an even tougher task than finding the ring in the snow in the dark -- but it isn't impossible.

When Thomas King lost his wedding ring in 2011 -- less than a year after he and his wife, Darlene, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary –- the couple was certain they would never see it again.

But last June, Shannon and Steve Callahan found the ring under the passenger seat of a used Pontiac Grand Am they had bought at a dealership in El Paso, Texas, the Associated Press reported. The pair was determined to find the ring's owner, so they contacted numerous news outlets and eventually connected with Darlene King, who was living in California. Thomas had since died.

"We thought it was a lost cause," Darlene King told the AP. "I told [Thomas] it probably went down the drain or something."



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